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Stop horses from stomping
Flies can be a constant source of irritation to your horse in the summer. If your horse is spending most of his time biting, stomping and kicking at flies, he could be causing unnecessary wear and tear on his joints and it could present both a training problem and a safety problem for you. When I work with horses, I expect them to stand perfectly still on my command—not moving a single foot unless authorized by me. But I cannot expect him to stand still if flies are biting him. Also, getting head-butted by a horse that is swinging his head around to bite a fly or having your foot stomped on is neither pleasant nor safe for you. In addition to fly spray in the worst months, I use fly predators, an environmentally sound product that stops flies at their source and keeps my entire property virtually fly free. I also make sure my horses receive a joint supplement to help keep their joints safe and lubricated in case they’ve had to stomp too much in the past.–Julie Goodnight