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Ride Right With Julie Goodnight: Confidence on the Trail

It’s easy to lose confidence on the trail if your well-trained horse has defied you or refused to go forward. A threat to bolt or rear can make a confident rider worry and, in turn,
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How To Settle Your Cinchy Horse

Is your trail horse cinchy? That is, does he act up when you saddle him, even before you reach for the cinch or girth? (Generally the term “cinch” is used for a Western saddle and
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Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight On Trailer Safety

Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight on Trailer Safety  
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Horse Tip Daily #208 – Julie Goodnight On Bucking

Horse Tip Daily #208 – Julie Goodnight on Bucking
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Horse Shopping 101

Horse Shopping 101 I am getting an increasing number of inquiries from people looking for a new horse. So it is with no small amount of forethought that we did a Horse Master episode featuring
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Teaching Young Horse Collection

Ask Julie Goodnight: How do I teach my young horse to collect? Dear Julie, Firstly, let me tell you that I appreciate very much your website and information! Thank you! My question is: I have
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