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“Bit” Of A Problem

What to do when your horse fights taking the bit.  
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Canter Cue

Does Your Horse Fear the Canter Cue? At my clinics and during the TV show shoots, I often see horses that are fearful of the canter cue. Many riders are a little intimidated by the
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Coping With Fear

Coping with Fear By Julie Goodnight There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of horses. They’re big scary animals capable of spontaneous violent combustion at any moment. In fact, it’s a bit of an intelligence test
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Talk About Tack: Bad Habit: Fighting The Bit

Question Category: Talk about Tack Question: Our horse, a 12-year-old quarter horse, has started a bad habit. Recently we had our vet float his teeth and since then he fights taking the bit. He has
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