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ABC’s Volume 2 Care And Maintenance

First Aid   Sometimes it seems like a horse could hurt himself even if you locked him in a padded stall. Running and playing with other horses keeps your horse happy but may mean he
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Safety Concerns: Broken Bones, Concussion, Whiplash… Should I Buy This Horse?

Question Category: Safety Concerns Question: Dear Julie, I recently picked up riding after a lifelong LOVE of horses and have been taking lessons twice weekly for about two and a half months with the intention
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Safety Concerns: Accident Frequency At Lesson Barns

Question Category: Safety Concerns Question: I work for a large lesson/boarding facility – we have about 50 school horses, 50 boarder horses, and a couple hundred students come through each week. I am concerned because
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Building A Better Relationship: Should I Sell My Horse?

Question Category: Building a Better Relationship Question: Hi Julie, I met you at the 4 day clinic at the Winding River Resort in June 2004. I have the sorrel with a wide blaze and 3
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