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Off To A Good Start

Off To A Good Start Are you raising a foal or young horse? Make sure you’re setting up a good relationship with respect from the start. To start your young relationship off on the right
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Veterinary Visits “The Best Patient”

If your horse is well-trained, well-behaved and easy to work with, you’ll make your veterinarian’s job much easier and more effective. Even the best veterinarian must struggle to examine a horse that’s stomping, biting, moving
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About Face

Dear Julie, My Rocky Mountain/Arabian horse cross is five months old—I’ve had him for two months. He is calm and usually well behaved. However, he’s starting a new and scary behavior. He turns his rump
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Acting Up On The Trail

Why does my horse act up on the trail? Questions about how your horse should act on the trail –and why he doesn’t do what you want when you’re out in the open—are some of
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Kicks At The Canter

Ask Julie Goodnight: Help, my horse kicks at the canter! Question: I have 3 horses, all of which do the same thing. They walk and trot quietly, but when you cue for lope, they will
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Issues From The Saddle: How Do You Stop A Horse When He’s Running Backwards

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: How do you stop a horse when he’s running backwards? I was trail riding over the weekend, and my horse took a dislike to the horse behind him.
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