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Resources for kicks
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Horses That Kick

Expert advice to quell a kicking horse’s bad habits.  
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Veterinary Visits “The Best Patient”

If your horse is well-trained, well-behaved and easy to work with, you’ll make your veterinarian’s job much easier and more effective. Even the best veterinarian must struggle to examine a horse that’s stomping, biting, moving
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About Face

Dear Julie, My Rocky Mountain/Arabian horse cross is five months old—I’ve had him for two months. He is calm and usually well behaved. However, he’s starting a new and scary behavior. He turns his rump
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Kicks At The Canter

Ask Julie Goodnight: Help, my horse kicks at the canter! Question: I have 3 horses, all of which do the same thing. They walk and trot quietly, but when you cue for lope, they will
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