Mastering the Canter

Julie Cantering

Everywhere I go—whether it’s to clinics, expos, conferences or just riding with friends—there are riders working on mastering the canter. Whether it is a novice rider just figuring out how to cue the horse and keep it going, a rider trying to slow down the gait and smooth out a wild ride or an advanced […]

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Understand Your Leg Aids The “natural aids” are the tools that you were born with that allow you to communicate to the horse what you want him to do while you are riding. Traditionally, there are four natural aids, the seat, the legs, the hands and the voice. If you have attended one of my […]

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Question Category: Cantering Help Question: I have a question about my 4 year old paint mare. I have been working with a trainer on and off for almost a year and I cannot get her to pick up her right lead when cantering. She seems to be heavy on her front end. (She will pick […]

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Question: Dear Julie, When riding in the arena at the canter, for the first few strides my horse throws his head up in the air. Why is he doing this? Puzzled Answer: Dear Puzzled, This is a very common response from the horse that is afraid of the canter cue. The reason why he is […]

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In every clinic that I teach, there are riders eager to canter; all they want to do is canter-canter-canter and maybe work on lead changes. Then there are those that want to canter but dread it, especially with 15 horses in the pen and everyone watching; and there are those that have no interest in […]

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Good Day! On a recent episode of Horse Master, we featured a 68 year old man who is competing in Versatility Ranch Horse. Dave also happens to be president of the new National Versatility Ranch Horse Association and Rich and I have known him for years. I’ve seen Dave’s riding improve steadily through the years—he’s only […]