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Canter Malfunctions

Top trainer Julie Goodnight helps you analyze your riding posture and prepare you for the perfect canter. Find out how rider errors contribute to wrong leads and more. By Julie Goodnight with Heidi Melocco Cantering
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Canter Leads

Rule Out the Physical If you’re having trouble with your horse’s canter leads, make sure to rule out physical problems first. Whenever a horse only takes one lead at the canter, you always have to
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Avoid Training Burnout

Ask Julie Goodnight Question: I really enjoy your lectures you are so much easier to listen to than many of the other presenters! I was wondering about the appropriate length of time that a training
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Riding Skills: Feeling Canter Leads

Question Category: Riding Skills Question: Hi Julie, I have trouble feeling my canter leads, and I know the worst thing I can do is look down. What is the best way to feel the lead?
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