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Winter Workouts – Ride Right With Julie Goodnight
The Trail Rider ~ January/February 2015   RIDE RIGHT WITH JULIE GOODNIGHT Winter Workouts Hone your horse’s manners and your leadership skills now for a better ride in the spring with these tips from top
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My Top 3 Lessons From The Julie Goodnight Women’s Riding Clinic
I’m going to be brutally honest here: I was a fan of clinician Julie Goodnight before attending her ”Women’s Riding and Yoga Retreats and Ranch Riding Weekend at C Lazy U Ranch” in Granby, Colorado.
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Learn the different riggings for western saddles.  
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Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight On Trailer Safety
Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight on Trailer Safety:
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Horse Tip Daily #59 – On The Hard To Catch Horse
Horse Tip Daily #59 – Julie Goodnight on the Hard to Catch Horse  
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Shut Down
Dear Julie, I’ve been thinking a lot about this problem, since I didn’t find that our instructor found the right thing to do. Instead of finding an answer, he did what a program told him
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Q&A: Dominant Trail Horse
Dear Julie, I have a 15-year-old quarter horse that has decided he must be in the lead on the trail. I ride alone most of the time but do enjoy the company of others. When
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Learn To Ride At Julie’s Clinic’s
The Questions You Ask Most This Issue: Will I be too afraid to learn at a clinic? I’m afraid of being judged… Ride and Learn Horsemanship clinics are a way of life for me. I’ve
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