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A Safe Handle On The Reins

A Safe Handle on the Reins   By Heidi Nyland Melocco with Julie Goodnight   Learn how to safely use your reins on the trail with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. She’ll explain how to hold and
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Stopping Saddle Squeaks

Stopping Saddle Squeaks There’s nothing worse than riding around the arena in a saddle that’s so loud that everyone can hear you coming. The solution is simple. Take some baby powder and sprinkle it between
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A Bit Of Comfort

A Bit of Comfort “When connecting reins to the bit, I prefer to use a leather to leather connection for softness and a better feel. While having metal snaps in the ends of your reins
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Talk About Tack: Rope Halter — Do’s And Dont’s

Question: Dear Julie: I have a silly question…My mare is 15yo and I have NEVER used a rope halter. Do you have a basic do’s and don’ts for me….things I need to know to help
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