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Stop With Your Seat

Use your voice and seat as stopping cues to help your horse understand that you want to slow down. This will give him the chance to stop willingly, so you won’t have to apply rein
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Riding In Perfect Position

Your position in the saddle affects your horse’s ability to move freely. It also affects your safety, and how you’ll feel during and after your ride.  
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How To Stay Comfortable In The Saddle

Question: Julie, I have a question about how to be more comfortable during my long rides. What causes my knees to hurt after about an hour riding at a walk? What can I do to
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To Spur Or Not To Spur

Ask Julie Goodnight: When and how should I use spurs to prompt my lazy horse? Question: Dear Julie, I’ve seen your show on RFD-TV about how to lower your horse’s head. In the episode you
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Canter Leads

Rule Out the Physical If you’re having trouble with your horse’s canter leads, make sure to rule out physical problems first. Whenever a horse only takes one lead at the canter, you always have to
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