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The Right Fit

Make sure your horse’s halter fits correctly.  
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Riding English

Ask Julie Goodnight: What’s the difference in Western and English riding? Especially when it comes to “contact?”… Question: Dear Julie, I have ridden Western for the last 20 years, and have trained my horses based
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Pulling On The Rein

Question: I have been riding for eight months at a stable and am taking classes once-twice a week as well as clinics. I bought a horse from the stables I go to, he is a
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Loose Reins VS Slight Contact

Dear Julie, I work part-time for the Forest Service at a horse campground. If often hear trail riders who come to the campground say they’ve been told to ride with very loose rein. They have
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Issues From The Saddle: Why One Rein Is Better Than Two

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: My riding instructor and I have a question regarding using one rein while riding. I’ve seen it mentioned in several different articles and books. John Lyons discusses using
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