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Your Horse’s Quiet Place; Teaching the head down cue

Getting your horse to drop his head gives him a serene, quiet place to be. It’s a great horse-training technique. From AQHA Professional Horsewoman and Certified Horsemanship Association instructor Julie Goodnight. Your horse’s head is
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Leg-Sensitive Horse

Leg-sensitive Horse Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. The problem is that he has had
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Teach Your Horse To Lower His Head

Caption: help your horse achieve a low headset and look calm and collected. Riding Right with Julie Goodnight Star Gazer: Teach your horse to lower his head Dear Julie, Do you have any suggestions for
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Episode 305 – Heads Up

Heads Up: Julie Goodnight teaches a horse to lower his head and accept the bit and bridle
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