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Six Points To Consider Before Using A Calming Supplement

by Juliet M. Getty Ph.D. | Apr 29, 2015 | Travel and competition season is upon us, and “show nerves” are common, even in horses. Agitated, nervous horses that are normally well behaved may benefit
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Avoid An On-Trail Spook

Your horse sees objects far away much better than those nearby. As a prey animal, he’s programmed to scan the horizon, searching for predators. His brain is also trained to react to quick movements, such
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Fear Of Tight Trail Obstacle

Question: When I have to negotiate around a trail obstacle into tight places with trees and low limbs, my mare gets very nervous. She barges through, and it’s hard to hold back and maneuver through.
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Leg-Sensitive Horse

Leg-sensitive Horse Issues from the Saddle Question: Dear Julie, I have been given a 12 year old gelding that I am very much attached to and enjoy riding. The problem is that he has had
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Issues From The Saddle: Fear Of Riding And Inappropriate Horses

Question Category: Issues from the Saddle Question: Hi Julie, I first saw you in 2005 at the Louisville Equine Affaire. You were awesome, and you were so right about fear management, your seminars are packed
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