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Trail Tips: When To Water, Lead Across Obstacles, Don’t Allow Your Horse To Eat With A Bit

Trail Tips: When to water, lead across obstacles, don’t allow your horse to eat with a bit Take Water Breaks Horses should have access to clean water at least twice a day. Normally, a horse
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Episode 809 – Step Up To Success – Behind The Scenes

Julie Goodnight teaches a rider to cross trail obstacles.
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“Despook” Your Horse

Whether you’re riding on the trail, at a show, or in your own arena, you’ll likely encounter any number of obstacles and scary objects. Can you count on your horse to quietly and willingly approach
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Fear Of Tight Trail Obstacle

Question: When I have to negotiate around a trail obstacle into tight places with trees and low limbs, my mare gets very nervous. She barges through, and it’s hard to hold back and maneuver through.
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Episode 715 – Sideways – Behind The Scenes

Julie Goodnight teaches a horse and rider to perfect the side pass.
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