Q&A On Horse Behavior; Protecting the Alpha; Aggression over Feed Time; Ground Tying; Catch a Horse; Pawing (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Have you ever had a horse stand over you in protection? If you’ve fallen or become injured on the trail? I have a photo of my horses where 7 are laying down and one is standing sentry. The boss is in the very middle– laid out and snoring. The horses around her are laying down […]

Horse Standing Still While Tied And In The Saddle

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Common Complaints My horse fusses and fidgets when tied or when I ask him to stand still Julie Goodnight helps you calm your fidgety horse—helping him to be the rock-solid, trustworthy, still-standing horse you deserve. You’ll tie your horse and trust that he’ll be patient as you groom and tack—just as Goodnight and husband Rich […]

Building A Better Relationship: Pawing

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Question Category: Building a Better Relationship Question: Hi Julie, Awesome newsletter as always, my name is Tina and I have a question about pawing. I am a new horse person I have had my Arabian/ QH gelding for 1yr now he is 6 yrs old and when I got him he was perfect in every […]