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If your horses are constantly stomping and kicking at flies, their actions could be causing unnecessary wear and tear on their joints. Flies also carry disease by transporting infectious agents to humans and horses.  In addition to fly spray, make sure you implement a fly-control plan for your entire property to keep your horses healthy for years to come. To find out which products Julie recommends and why visit  and

Like humans, a horse’s joints wear out with age and use. The harder you use your horse, the sooner his joints will begin to deteriorate. Sports like reining, cutting, jumping and dressage are particularly hard on a horse’s joints. Stomping constantly at flies adds unnecessary wear and tear on a horse’s joints that, added to other stressful use, cause excessive wear and inflammation of the joints. If a horse is already dealing with an injury or joint problem, the stomping may prohibit healing. He can’t help himself-if the flies are bothering him, he’ll stomp, regardless of injuries.

Some horses are more sensitive to flies than others. I have one buckskin that the flies just devour, while the horse standing next to him is totally un-bothered. These sensitive horses especially need the best fly control so they aren’t constantly fidgeting and stomping.

For me, there is also a training issue as it applies to flies. When I ask my horse to stand, I expect him to not move a single foot. If my horse is constantly stomping at flies, it is difficult for me to correct him and teach him to stand still because before I correct him, I have to determine if he is picking up a foot to move it or simply reacting to a fly biting him.

I have been using fly predators as my primary fly control system for over 20 years on three different properties. We have been at our current location for about 13 years and have seen a reduction in flies every year. I think it is the best product for fly control because it is safe to use, highly effective and protects the environment.