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Negotiate Hills With Julie Goodnight

Pick a safe path up the hill. Photo by Heidi Melocco Do you dread seeing a steep hill on the trail?  
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Mount Up!

Improve your horsemanship, and develop a kind, trustworthy relationship with your trail horse with top clinician/trainer Julie Goodnight. This issue: Teach your horse to stand still as you mount.  
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Look, Breathe, Sit Back To Boost Riding Confidence

Three steps to overcoming riding nervousness–plus, a way to remember them when it matters most. Fear can make you tense and defensive. That, in turn, can cause you to be rough with your horse. It’s
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Fear Of Cantering

Ask Julie Goodnight: How do I overcome fears of cantering? Hi Julie, I have been riding for about 2 years. I’m 53, and although I have been around horses (started my daughter riding @ 4-5
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Learn To Ride At Julie’s Clinic’s

The Questions You Ask Most This Issue: Will I be too afraid to learn at a clinic? I’m afraid of being judged… Ride and Learn Horsemanship clinics are a way of life for me. I’ve
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Boot And Foot Position

Make sure you ride with your boot far enough into the stirrup so that the ball of your foot is weighted. If you just place your toes into the stirrup, you’ll bend your foot and
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Sit The Spook

Sit the Spook Learn how to sit the spook on trail for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. All horses are capable of spooking. Horses are hardwired to flee in response to fear.
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