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Resources for sitting
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Stupid Human Tricks

Relationship Rescue with Julie Goodnight Stupid Human Tricks: Unsafe Mistakes We Make Around Horses If you get too comfortable around a horse (even one that you have a great relationship with), you may put yourself
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Why Should You Post At All?

Ask Julie Goodnight: Why Should You Post at All? Question: Last month I asked about whether all riders should know how to post on the correct diagonal. Now it seems the question has changed to
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Sit The Spook

Sit the Spook Learn how to sit the spook on trail for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. All horses are capable of spooking. Horses are hardwired to flee in response to fear.
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Sitting Trot

Sitting Trot Question: Q: I ride an Arabian who has a very bouncy trot that I just can’t sit to. I ride in an event saddle that has a somewhat deep seat, but when I
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Sitting The Trot

Riding Right with Julie Goodnight Please Help me Sit the Trot! Dear Julie, My horse is a Friesian/Warmblood cross. Even though he moves beautifully, he has a big trot and he’s not exactly smooth. I
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