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Horses In The Morning: Julie Goodnight Talks About Riding Instruction

Listen online now>>   In this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we chat about exercises for more advanced riders with Anne Brzesicki of MTSU, Julie Goodnight has some advice on schooling your school horses to keep them
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Episode 806 – Gateway To Success – Behind The Scenes

Julie Goodnight teaches how to work a trail class obstacle gate.
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Step Into Sidepassing

Improve your horsemanship, and develop a kind, trustworthy relationship with your trail horse with top clinician/trainer Julie Goodnight. Teach your horse to sidepass for greater on-trail maneuverability. When you teach your horse to sidepass, you
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Understanding Spurs

Question: Dear Julie, My understanding is that spurs are to be used to back up a request if the horse is not responding or to make a cue more clear as in lateral work. I
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