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Teach The Stand-Still

It’s crucial to teach your horse to stand still when you first mount, according to trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. The lesson will help your horse know you’re always in charge.
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Step 3 to ground tying

Ground-Tied And Respectful

Improve your horsemanship, and develop a kind, trustworthy relationship with your trail horse with top clinician/trainer Julie Goodnight. How to ground-tie your horse. Whether you’re on your horse’s back or dismounted to clear a path,
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Horses Pawing In The Trailer

Q: I have a 19-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that paws in the trailer. I travel with him quite and bit and have no problems loading him in the trailer, but he paws when we come
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Stand Statue Still

Stand Statue Still Lots of people “do” ground work but like with any type of training, it can be done well or not. Groundwork done poorly is training the horse the wrong thing and I
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Advance And Retreat

While shooting a Horse Master episode on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts I was introduced to a woman, Vickie Thurber, who had an accident with her young pinto eventing horse and wanted help introducing “Poco” to
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My Horse Won’t Stand Still For Mounting

Common Complaints My horse won’t stand still for mounting. Follow Julie Goodnight’s advice to teach your horse to stand still while you mount up. Does your horse begin the ride before you do? When you
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