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Canter Control

Dear Julie, I have had my horse for 10 months. I am scared to ride her outside because every time I ask her for a canter, or if another horse canters off ahead of her,
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Changing The Speed

Changing Direction/Changing Speed Many “forward” horses come to trainers because they are challenging to train. Here, I’ll share some of the techniques that I use to get the horses slowed down a little and to
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Nurturing The Try In Your Horse

I have lived with and worked with horses for more than half a century. And the older I get, the more appreciation I have for horses and their willingness, generosity and ability to forgive. It
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Issues From The Ground: Advance And Retreat Techniques For Desensitizing

Question Category: Issues from the Ground Question: Desensitizing a Horse to Scary Stimuli Answer: These days, with military actions and war consistently in the headlines, thoughts of aggression and war are far too close at
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