Hauling Hints

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7-Step Program
Here’s the proper trailer-loading and -unloading order for optimum safety and results.
Step 1. Prepare the trailer. Hook up your trailer to your vehicle. Drive your trailer to a flat, open area. Securely close all trailer doors and windows against flying debris. Close manger windows and escape doors.
Step 2. Open the stock door. Open the stock-compartment door, and prepare your horse’s footing and feed.
Step 3. Load your horse. Halter your horse, and load him into the trailer.
Step 3. Shut the door. Shut the stock-compartment door immediately, before confining your horse by tying. If you have a slant-load trailer, it’s safe to secure the compartment’s partition before you shut the door. But when the compartment door is open, don’t tie your horse. If he tries to back out and finds that he’s tied, he may panic and injure himself (and you).
Step 4. Secure your horse. Tie your horse, and exit via the escape door. Or, tie your horse while you stand safely outside the trailer.
Step 5. Park, and untie. At your destination, park at a level area, then begin the unloading. To do so, you’ll retrace your loading steps. First, untie your horse.
Step 6. Open the back door. Make sure your horse is completely untied, then open the stock-compartment door.
Step 7. Unload your horse. Back your horse out of the trailer.

Bottom line: Never tie your horse in the trailer until the stock-compartment door is closed and secured locked; always untie your horse before you open the door for unloading.