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Episode 916 – Way to Whoa

This Ranch Riding show horse learns to stop with precision.
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Teach The Stand-Still

It’s crucial to teach your horse to stand still when you first mount, according to trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. The lesson will help your horse know you’re always in charge.
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Stop The Jig With Julie Goodnight

Is your horse “jiggy” and tense on the trail? Does he trot anxiously in place, refusing to move forward slowly and calmly? If so, you’re likely tense and worried that he’ll take off if you
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Stop Your Horse Without Pulling On The Reins

Stop Your Horse Without Pulling on the Reins  
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Improving My Horse’s Stop

Question: I enjoy your presentations and I have a question that I hope you can help me with my horse, Rocky. During groundwork he does not respond to the verbal command “Whoa.” What would you
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Riding Skills: One-Rein Stop

Question Category: Riding Skills Question: Julie, first off, I have to say I spend many hours reading through your website. You are a gifted and inspirational woman, and thanks for all you share. I recently
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