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Emergency Stops

…better control is a one-rein stop or a disengagement of the hindquarters. The one-rein stop is very useful for stopping or slowing your horse, if…

Stop In An Emergency

    The Trail Rider ~ May/June 2016 Riding Right   Stop in an Emergency The one-rein stop is often taught as the go-to aid…

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The Pully-Rein Stop

…You won’t use this extreme stopping cue as an everyday method to halt your horse, like you would the one-rein stop, but in an emergency,…

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Issues From The Saddle: Pulley Rein

…For this, I teach riders two different techniques, one for every day use and one for emergency stops. The emergency stopping technique is known as…

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Stop With Your Seat

…Rider, Julie Goodnight explains how to use emergency stopping techniques. While it’s important to know how to stop in an emergency, such techniques aren’t the…

Julie riding her horse, Dually.

Riding in the Moment

…also important to develop your riding skills and have a full understanding emergency stopping techniques and when to use them. Learn the one-rein stop for…

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Emergency Dismount?

emergency dismount. The few times I have voluntarily done an emergency dismount, there have been some extenuating circumstances, and these are probably the only situations…

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The Long Haul

…feed times for your horse. How often you stop and what you do at a stop will depend on how calm your horse is in…

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Fear Of Tight Trail Obstacle

…ground. That is, walk your mare to the tight place, then stop. Praise her for standing still. Take one step, stop, and praise. Step 4….

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On The Trail Survival Guide

…you realize you haven’t checked your cinch for almost an hour. And you can’t quite remember—did you check the cinch after stopping for a lunch…

Fresh Start

…to execute the emergency stop (see my YouTube video on Pulley Rein). Don’t ride the horse as if he is going to spook (because he…

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Riding Right With Julie Goodnight

…the horse. Learn to use the pulley rein if you need an emergency stop. When he starts rooting on the reins, you should immediately stiffen…

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Behavior Bummers

…want — first make sure you know how to perform the emergency-stop cues. (To learn how to safely use a pulley rein, and perform the…

Top 5 Trailering Tips

…forward, was going to be difficult to stop. I can still remember it like it was yesterday—it’s the subject of a recurring nightmare for me….

Managing Fearful Behavior in Horses

…to execute the emergency stop. One of the most valuable skills a rider can deploy when a horse becomes fearful is to keep riding, keep…

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A Safe Handle On The Reins

…top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. She’ll explain how to hold and use both rope and split reins, plus how to stop and ground-tie.   When you’re…

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How Do Rope Halters Work?

…wish more people would ask simple questions like this– it’s not silly, but smart! When people stop and think about what they fundamentally know (or…

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In Command And Control

…to you that it feels as if his legs were your legs? That you have the power and athleticism yourself to jump big jumps, stop

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QuarterFest and Tennessee Tornadoes

stopped so that everyone could shuffle down to the basement while tornados threatened overhead. About 35 horses were tied in the TN Miller coliseum—no room…

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To Buy Or Not To Buy

…or loading style stopped the horse from going in. If you feel you’d do anything differently, ask to work with the horse yourself. Step 6….