Consistency Counts

…seek out leadership because it makes them feel safe and protected. But there is never a void of leadership in a horse herd. If the…

My Favorite Books of the Year and Decade

…novice rider.  Personal Betterment  Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, by The Arbinger Institute. I first read this book to increase my business… Logo

Leadership And Authority

 Horses crave it and thrive on it; they worship the ground the herd leader walks on. Horses can recognize leadership traits in both horses and… Logo

3 Leadership Activities

…trusted leader. Tune Up His Training First, understand how your horse thinks. He understands authority and leadership. He’s always testing you. If he finds he…

Annie Closeup

Quiz: What is Your Horse’s Training Level?

…First, you must recognize how much of the low score originates with you—either through poor handling or unclear, inconsistent expectations. Sometimes changing your leadership is… Logo

Trust Is A Two-Way Street

…horse is propelled into the leadership role by the other members of the herd. I remember a leadership quote that reminds me of horses; “Leadership

Julie riding Annie in the arena

Horses Give More than they Get

…have had the best examples of leadership from which to learn. From them, I have honed my own leadership skills and forged incredible partnerships with… Logo

Nurturing The Try In Your Horse

…They crave leadership and authority and they feel safe and content in its presence. Leadership is very black and white to a horse and he… Logo

Establishing Dominance

…lead the horse to disrespect you and search elsewhere for leadership. If you are interested in improving your leadership to the horse, with the added… Logo

Ground-Work Exercises

…herd’s cues, rather than keep tuned in to your leadership. “You may undermine instead of boosting your leadership if, in the winter, your horse is…

A Horse’s Sense of Fairness

leadership skills. Considering her leadership skills led to the question. So, does a horse have a sense of fairness? Your horse’s point of view, on…

Cultivating a Connection with Horses

…start transferring his feelings of attachment to me and begin to look to me for leadership. Establishing Boundaries & Expectations Horses know leadership when they… Logo

The Great Escape

…of leadership, the horse will always take over. I think Erika turned a new leaf with Cosmo after our two days together. All she needed… Logo

My Horse Is Herd-Bound And Barn Sour

…detecting leadership skills–or lack there of. In his mind, his very survival depends upon good leadership. Unless and until your horse can look up to… Logo

The Great Escape

…horse that learned bad behavior, not because he was a bad or even naughty horse, but because he was simply lacking training and leadership. Cosmo… Logo

On The Rail: Q And A

…in the horse’s mind, it’s all a sham. horses know true leadership when they see it. It cannot be faked. When people (in any setting)… Logo

My Horse Spooks And Lacks Focus

…ground, too. One big problem with a horse like this is that he doesn’t focus on you and doesn’t look to you for leadership. A… Logo

Fearful Trail Horse

…the confidence and leadership of the rider. We expect your horse to behave, insist upon it really, and we expect him to go down the… Logo

My Horse Won’t Stand Still For Mounting

…moving—remember they are flight animals. To get a horse to think before he acts—and not move impulsively—takes good training and strong leadership skills. A horse…