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Don’t Spoil Colts

…the child if they are ill-mannered and misbehaving—you always have to look to the parents. This filly had no ground manners only because no one had taken the time to teach them to her.

Using the techniques I detail on my Lead Line Leadership video, I showed Pamela some…

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Issues From The Ground: 2 Y/O Gelding Acting Aggressively

…regular training regimen. As for the kind of groundwork he needs, everything you need to know is in my two ground work DVDs, Round Pen Reasoning and Lead Line Leadership. In each 2 hour DVD I work with several young horses of different types (hot blooded, cold blooded) and show…

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Does The Lead Horse Participate In Mutual Grooming?

…from a leadership perspective, by grooming her (especially at times when she isn’t being saddled or unsaddled)? I am trying very hard to make sure I am being the leader my horse deserves. With the information on your website I have really begun to look at everything I do, and…

Horse Master with Julie Goodnight, The Final Chapter

…common challenges horse owners face:

32 were on advancing riding skills—improve the rider so the horse can do his job 24 on were leadership (human) and ground manners (horse) 21 featured spoiled, tantrum throwing horses (always the fault of humans) 21 about riding the canter 18 were about spooky horses…

1109: The Lost Episode of Chief

…and the story of an owner and her struggle to gain the respect of the rescue horse she opened her home to—an older, dominant Morgan named Chief. Goodnight shows his mild-mannered owner important round pen techniques and how to live up to this horse’s high standard of leadership.

Julie doing lead line work with a horse at her Florida clinic

The Magic and Mystique of Horsemanship Clinics

…clinics can vary a lot, depending on the riding activities and the clinician.

They may be discipline-specific (dressage, jumping, cutting, barrel racing, trick training) or more general in nature (groundwork, riding, colt-starting). Most of my clinics are general horsemanship, which means we address everything from groundwork, to leadership skills,…

horses next to each other looking agitated

Did You Teach Your Horse to Kick?

…riders—to stay calm and focused on the positive outcome, to show confidence and leadership even when you don’t feel that way, and to ride the horse more forward even when your greatest wish is to stop and get off. These are not riding skills; they are mental skills. This is…

Barn Rules, Cleanliness & Respect At Feeding Time

…acknowledgement of their efforts, followed by another nice rubdown. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Since our horses are happy to be with us and comfortable with our leadership, they walk quietly beside and behind us, matching us step-for-step. They ground-tie whenever and wherever asked and they do not act…

Julie Cantering

Resistance to Canter

…horse—first ruling out pain then making sure the horse follows her leadership.

QUESTION: I have a four-year-old gelding. He has a wonderful jog and walk. When he is asked to canter or do anything faster than the jog he displays a bad attitude—complete with pinned ears and curled nose….

View from behind horse's ears of treed hills and mountain range.

The Making of a Trail Horse, Part 3

…the other is that my horse gets the same level of confidence from me that he gets from the herd. I want him to think of us as a team; we are in it together and reliant on each other. This does not come easily—it requires hard work, leadership, and…

Slower is Faster with Horses

Let’s face it, we’ve become a society of instant gratification. From fast food, to fake nails, we like immediate results. This quest for instant results carries over to horsemanship, too—from flying lead changes, to side-passing, to collection.

Horse Master with Julie Goodnight

Episode 503 – Got Your Number

Got Your Number: On Horse Master: teaching a mustang owner that he doesn’t have to play games and can expect more from his horse