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Sit The Spook

Sit the Spook Learn how to sit the spook on trail for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. All horses are capable of…

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“Despook” Your Horse

spooky to trusting and willing if they have a confident leader. I’ll teach you how to help your horse through a spook and help him…

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Avoid An On-Trail Spook

…proven otherwise, your horse assumes that an unidentifiable object may kill and eat him, which can lead to nervous, spooky behavior. Your horse also has…

De-Spooking Shadow/ Update on Episode 909

…turns and bolts–into you if you’re leading him, or carrying you off if you’re mounted. Worse, what spooks him one day might not spook him the next. Then, the day…

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Riding A Spooky Horse

Ask Julie Goodnight: How Do I Handle Riding A Spooky Horse? Question: Dear Julie, I usually ride some type of warmblooded horse (not exactly sure…

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My Horse Spooks At Traffic

…her to bits but it scares me because I don’t want her to get spooked and have her get hit by a car. I don’t…

Managing Fearful Behavior in Horses

…to “spook-proof” or “bombproof” a horse, but by using my de-spooking techniques, it is not hard to teach them to gain confidence by converting their…

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Ponying With Confidence

…the new horse can learn and experience spook-inducing, wide-open country before a rider accompanies him on the journey. You might also pony a horse that’s…

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Fearful Trail Horse

…We stopped by a silo. He kept peering around the corner, and all of sudden he did a full body deep quiver/jump, he spooked in…

Fresh Start

…on a horse that’s excited, scared or feisty. Be prepared for spooks. A nervous or excited horse is more prone to spook, spin and bolt….

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Ground-Work Exercises

…your cues, rather than looking for something else to focus on — and possibly spook at. Your horse needs to look at you and think…

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Saddle Fit Guide

…the saddle’s pressure points,” Goodnight says. “In the worst cases, horses try to communicate their pain by acting out. I’ve seen horses bolt, spook and…

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Stupid Human Tricks

…mind that there’s no such thing as a horse without a flight response. Something can spook a horse that you may have no control of….

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Master Each Gait

…canter on some flat and well-groomed trails and you want to know that you can control the faster gaits in case your horse does spook

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Fear Management

…If you allow yourself to think “what if he falls,” or “he’s going to spook,” you’re focusing on the negative. That’s allowing fear to take…

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Relationship Fix Series

…head too close to a horse’s head. Even if it’s a horse you know well, he may accidentally turn quickly and spook–moving with force. Affection…

A Devoted Horse

…past (he spooked here before) and jump to the future (what if spooks up there), instead of directing our horse like a true leader, in…