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November 2017 Horse Report

Be careful what you wish for! I have to say, Dually is feeling fresh as a daisy these days. Although I have not pushed him terribly hard this year, we’ve worked him hard enough that he is fit and perhaps a wee bit cocky. He’s got the attitude of a much younger horse and I like that. Now if they would just approve the same treatments for humans, I might feel young an cocky enough to ride him! My other horses are doing well too. Annie continues to be a redheaded mare some of the time, but she’s gradually becoming more and more like a sorrel gelding. So I guess my training is working. I took Eddie, our ranch gelding, up to C Lazy U for a clinic last month. Even though I don’t ride him much at home, he’s become my best horse for teaching off of, since I started doing it when he was just a three year old. Now he’s coming nine years old and has many clinics under his belt, so he’s an old pro. Having a reliable teaching partner, patiently waiting on my next move and always ready to do something or nothing, is a real blessing to me. Eddie is my Easy-Button.

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