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Time To Weigh In

I have been struggling with the “Five Pound Challenge” here lately. What about you? I am still gaining and losing the same five pounds.

Since I love to eat and drink AND I love to work out, my main goal in life is to find the amount of exercise I have to do daily, in order to eat or drink whatever I want without gaining weight. A few weeks ago, I managed to work out all seven days in the week, walking/running a total of 27 miles and I managed to lose weight that week. In fact, I felt great! That was very promising to me except the only problem is that I cannot realistically maintain a 7/day per week workout schedule. Sometime life derails our best intentions. What is it about your life that gets in the way of your weight/fitness goals?

For me, I am not sure which is harder on my diet, travelling or staying home. It doesn’t help that we’ve just moved back into our house after a major kitchen/living room remodel. And since I love to cook and have a really nice new kitchen, the temptation to cook more lavish meals has been high. I know I could spend my cooking energy on less fattening meals but where is the fun in that? Of course, it goes without saying that eating out every meal in a restaurant is bad for your diet. Usually I only eat dinner at a restaurant when I am on the road, but inevitably the calories add up and the workout time diminishes.

What is your progress with the challenge? What makes losing weight a particular challenge for you? And have you found ways to combine weight loss  with making your horse life more productive?

Enjoy the ride!




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