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Overcoming Fear: Too Old To Ride?

Question: Dear Julie,

I’m a petite grandmother, have not ridden in nearly 50 years. In my teens I rode daily. Do you think I could actually get into real riding again? I’m in excellent health & would be so thankful for your wonderful guidance. I really admire your work and follow you on your web site.


Answer: Michelle,

Absolutely! In fact, right now the recreational horse is being fueled by people just like you. Although our balance, stamina and ability to bounce back from a fall is not what it was as a child, riding is a great sport for older people—as long as you follow a few simple rules.
First, only ride safe and reliable horses and get competent professional help—at least to get started. All the information you need to get started riding is in a book called Ready to Ride?, written by me and published by CHA

Secondly, realize that any time you are playing with horses; you’ll get banged around a little—it’s a contact sport. Make sure you are in good shape. I like using the exercise ball off the horse for strengthening and coordination exercises specific to riding (I have one at my desk and one in front of the TV). These balls are available through my website, with my own exercise chart; or, you can buy the chart separately if you already have a ball. Be sure to use the high-quality, rigid balls. The cheap ones are too mushy to simulate riding.

Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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