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Ride On with Julie Goodnight: Enjoy the Ride.

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In every episode, I’ll share insight on training topics from ground manners to lead changes, horse behavior or riding tips. 

Listen anytime as you ride or on your drive to the barn. New episodes are released every month! 

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Julie is awesome

Julie is awesome!!! Thank you for taking the time to do this, we all appreciate it! Julie has the best advice!

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Thank you, Julie!

Julie is the real deal and this podcast is the best. FREE advice from such an accomplished horsewoman is an incredible gift. I keep my horses on my own place, so I need to keep top-notch information coming to me. So glad I found this inspirational podcast to help me move forward with my horses. Thank you, Julie. It is wonderful. I will be sharing!

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Is your horse a good citizen

Excellent and informative podcast! This podcast touches on every person’s and every horse’s good qualities as well as the negative qualities ...and how to improve and change the negative ones! Easy and relaxing listening to important information that all horse people should hear and learn from!!!

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Julie’s podcasts are really helpful! She gives clear, easy to follow descriptions of problems & solutions. She breaks things down so they make sense. I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much, I signed up for one of her clinics in Colorado! I can’t wait!!! Thank you Julie Goodnight for this!!!

Filly Bu$ter
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Extremely helpful

I just recently found this podcast. I have been following Julie Goodnight for a couple of years; watching her at clinics, following her on Facebook. I love how she keeps it simple and easy to understand. I got caught up in listening several good trainers, but it was causing me to try too many methods on my horse leading to very inconsistent riding skill on my part. I have decided to follow just one trainer and focus on those methods. Thank you Julie for helping this rider!!

M Meade
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Great info!!

I recently found this podcast and I am hooked! I’ve admired and learned from Julie Goodnight from watching her demos at expos and watching her tv program. She always makes things seem so doable no matter what your problem. She manages to give that same feeling when I listen to the podcast. It is inspiring and educational as well as entertaining hearing her stories of past horses who were challenges I highly recommend listening to this if you are interested in increasing your knowledge and skills with horses!

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For more information email Twyla@JulieGoodnight.com or call (719) 530-0531

Horses In The Morning: Exercises for Lengthening and Collecting with Julie Goodnight and JoAnne Young

In this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we’re covering exercises for lengthening and collecting with guests Julie Goodnight and JoAnne Young. Listen in.

Check out more episodes of Horses in the Morning here: http://www.horsesinthemorning.com/

Horses In The Morning: Julie Goodnight Talks About Riding Instruction

Listen online now>>


In this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we chat about exercises for more advanced riders with Anne Brzesicki of MTSU, Julie Goodnight has some advice on schooling your school horses to keep them in top form and we also learn all about the Interscholastic Equestrian Association.  Listen in…

Building confidence

Exercises that create understanding vs. exercises that create skill

The rider’s tendency to blame the horse and not consider their own contributions to the problem

Teaching riders on school horses vs their own horse


Reviews of this recording:

Horses in the Morning is awesome this morning! Loving it! Hope everyone tuned in! Julie Goodnight is talking with Christy Landwehr about different levels of understanding and how that each day (even after over 50 years in the Horse Industry) she gains a greater understanding of herself and her horses. Growing our minds, hearts & bodies has to continue throughout our career with horses if we want not to stagnate – or go backwards. SO much good stuff… love her discussion about how riders tend to place blame on their horses and not look at our own performance issues first. ROFL on her comments about how instructors and school horses interact during lessons with students. WOW!!! Love the discussion about how building confidence in riders is personal – not the same for everyone. It’s the JOB of the Instructor to create success for the horse & the rider and acknowledge the success for both horse and rider. I say this ALL the time! “YOU GOT THIS!!!”
If you missed it, you can listen to the recording at your convenience later. Take the time! It will be worth it!!!

Q&A On Horse Behavior; Protecting the Alpha; Aggression over Feed Time; Ground Tying; Catch a Horse; Pawing (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Have you ever had a horse stand over you in protection? If you’ve fallen or become injured on the trail? I have a photo of my horses where 7 are laying down and one is standing sentry. The boss is in the very middle– laid out and snoring. The horses around her are laying down but have their heads up. They know she is dominant, but she has to sleep sometimes. The leader can’t always be on but they look up to her and protect her. They know she has to sleep sometimes. This same thing can happen with you and your horse if your horse sees you as the leader and has that bonded respect. I have heard of horses protecting or taking over momentarily when they know that you need a rest or are injured.


More audios from Rick Lamb:

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Ground Manners; Audible Sounds of the Horse (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Julie and Rick talk about ground manners and what happens when your horse moves into your space– with his nose or taking an unauthorized step. Learn about herd dominance and how the herd operates in the wild. Julie describes the sounds horses make. http://www.ricklamb.com

http://ricklamb.com for more radio shows.

What is CHA?; Why to Become Certified; Safety Tips; Behind the Scenes of Horse Master; When to Sell a Horse (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Certified Horsemanship Association–reasons to become certified and what the association does to teach the theory behind the skill; Improving Horsemanship; Safety Tips; Why to Ride with Your Heels Down; Behind the Scenes on Horse Master and on Rick Lamb’s TV Show

http://ricklamb.com for more radio shows.

Managing Fear in the Saddle; Classic Riding Skills; Dealing with Balking (Julie Goodnight on the Rick Lamb Show)

Julie Goodnight talks with Rick Lamb about managing fear in the saddle. Tips to help you feel confident and relaxed. Plus, more about Julie’s approach to rider education and how classic riding applies today.

http://ricklamb.com for more radio shows.

Radio Interview: Julie Goodnight on Trailering Help, Online Marketing

Julie shares her horse story and her love of horses, along with her programs, products, and services, including her new trailering DVD and the brand new Horse Master Interactive program.  She also talks about the importance of technology and social media in her marketing plan.