The Making of a Trail Horse, Part 2

Manners and Skills There are many ingredients that go into the making of an exceptional trail horse and just like in the kitchen, quality ingredients can make the difference in an average dish or an outstanding one. So, what are the ingredients we are looking for in a good trail horse? Keep in mind that […]

How to Make a Perfect Horse

Before the horsemanship clinic even started, I could see the bad dynamic between the horse and his owner. The big brown gelding was agitated and acting aggressively toward his owner, a middle-aged woman, who was clearly scared, angry and frustrated with the horse. As I started the first groundwork session of the clinic, I could […]

Does Your Horse Like You?

Recently at one of my clinics, a rider told me that three different trainers told him flat-out that his horse did not like him. He was hoping that the clinic would help him understand if the horse would ever come to like him or if he should get a different horse. I was hoping that […]

3 Leadership Activities Logo

By: Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight gives you three fun activities designed to enhance the bond you have with your horse and solidify your role as herd leader. During cold winter months, you likely trail ride less frequently than you do in warmer months. You might even turn your horse out […]

Starting Over With A Fractious Horse Logo

In the episode of Horse Master that we aptly called “Starting Over,” we worked with Clare and her horse “Lux” at a farm outside of Portland, Oregon. Our shoot site, Tanz-Pferde Dressage Farms (, the name means dancing horses) was a beautiful backdrop. We shot in their new outdoor arena and were surrounded by incredible […]

Establishing Dominance Logo

Question: I tend to be a big softy when it comes to dealing with my horse. Now I have created a horse that knows this and takes advantage of me, especially when doing groundwork. He pushes me and tries to pull me when I am leading. He does not do this to my husband, so […]

Horse Turns Toward Gate And Stops Working Logo

Common Complaints My horse heads for the gate and stops while we’re working. Follow Julie Goodnight’s advice to teach your horse ignore the gate and work steadily. If your horse thinks turning toward the gate is his cue to slow down, ride with a purpose and direct him straight past the opening. Does your horse […]

Nurturing The Try In Your Horse Logo

I have lived with and worked with horses for more than half a century. And the older I get, the more appreciation I have for horses and their willingness, generosity and ability to forgive. It never ceases to amaze me how they tolerate some of the crazy things we humans do and how they will […]

Overcoming Fear: My Horse Doesn’t Respect Me & I’m Scared To Correct Him Logo

Question: Hello, I just found your website and think it’s great. I have a 15-year old gelding – appaloosa/Clydesdale cross, Copper. My problem is that I am not confident enough to follow through with things that I ask him to do. This happens mainly when I ride him – he’s lazy and doesn’t want to […]

Horse Behavior: Horse’s Instincts Logo

Question Category: Horse Behavior Question: Hi Julie, Can you tell what specifically are the horse’s instincts and how can we use these to our advantage in training? Yours gratefully, Emma Answer: Emma, The horse’s instincts are too numerous to mention in one email and would be a good subject for a book! In fact, one […]