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  1. Nice work. I like this soft approach. This situation might be a good place to do bodywork to help soften neck muscles before hand so it’s easier for him to change his movement pattern.

  2. What was the name of the strap that went over the poll, thru the bit and under the elbows?
    My thoroughbred carries his head high and would like to try this method (he needs gentleness). I have him on a bitless bridle, so can I use this with a leather halter?

    • The name of the product you are looking for is the Goodnight Bitting System. Here is the link-you may have to copy and paste in your browser.
      You could certainly try this system with a leather halter; just watch to make sure the horse doesn’t start leaning on the halter. Otherwise it should work fine.
      Thank you for your interest in Goodnight Horsemanship-TWC

      • I have been using this bitting system on my boy for a couple of months. I am a retired AF VET who now works with members transitioning out of the military (they get out for a barrage of reasons to include PTSD). I “feel” that my OTTB has PTSD/anxiety issues just as some Vets due. I have had him for 2.5 years and it took me a year just to calm down from his jig-jogging tendencies. His neck was carried so high all the time from being in alert mode, I had to ground work him considerably to get him to relax and change his neck muscles up. Once I could see he “could” do this, I felt comfortable getting this bitting system. I have it fairly loose so he doesn’t panic when he feels any pressure. One of my goals with him was to make riding/groundwork enjoyable and something he looked forward to. He is “there” now with that attitude. He will stand and wait in his stall in the evenings (even when just provided his nightly hay), to be haltered/tacked to do “something.” Thank you for all your training/guidance/mentoring to help me with this guy. He was close to being euthanized 2x because he was so unmanageable for people who bought him.

  3. Great tips Julie.

  4. I needed these tips. I’m a fairly new rider.

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