Consistency Counts

…in these moments—your eyes will reveal your determination (or lack thereof), your intentions (where you want to go) and your confidence level. If you say one thing with the reins…

February 2020 Letter From Julie

…Equine Expo . I’ll be busy all three days, with multiple presentations each day about improving your riding, building confidence and letting horses be your guide. I’m eager to be back… Logo

Strength Leads To Confidence

Confidence is such a prevalent issue in horse sports, and with good reason—a horse can build your confidence over time, or take it away in a heartbeat. After three decades… Logo

Confidence From The Core

As we age, our balance, core-strength and posture can be negatively affected and all of these things have an impact on your confidence. If you think of the image of…

Julie riding Dually.

The Big Comeback

…Time Many riders have regained their confidence and returned to the sport they loved by using relaxation strategies (visit and use keyword confidence). Before rebuilding your confidence, it’s important… Logo

Fearful Of Riding My Thoroughbred

…help. Both my book, Ride with Confidence!, and my audio CD, Build Your Confidence with Horses, will help you a lot in understanding the emotion of fear, identifying the nature… Logo

Fear Of Cantering

…Julie suggests the following products to help you continue the work with your horse ( or call 800-225-8827 for ordering help): Canter with Confidence DVD: Canter Master DVD:… Logo

Confidence Boost, Overcoming Fear

confidence in your ability and helps you over-ride the emotion of fear. Adopt a confident posture, no matter how you really feel. Stand with your shoulders up, hands on your… Logo

Overcoming Fear: Afraid To Canter

Confidence,” will give you all the information you need to cue, ride the canter, understand leads and all the way up to flying lead changes. Knowledge will help your confidence….