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Home Again Home Again

Jigety jig. I can’t believe it’s finally over! The fall expo season has been hectic for me, with many weekend trips plus a three-week marathon in Kentucky for the world equestrian games. I have been home exactly two weekends in the past 18 weeks. After returning home this week from Equine Affaire in Massachusetts, I am now home for EIGHT, count ‘em, EIGHT weeks, until I have to hit the road again in January.

I am not yet entirely sure just how much I am going to enjoy being home or how I will best utilize my newfound time and freedom, but I can tell you I am exploring all of the possibilities relentlessly.

I am definitely planning to spend some time in our newly remodeled kitchen/great room, which I’ve hardly had time to enjoy since it was finished back in August. I love to cook so I am looking forward to making Thanksgiving dinner for my family, friends and neighbors and am getting started on it this weekend. If Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll be skiing over the holiday weekend at our hometown resort, Monarch Mountain, and I’ll get some good powder days in over the next few months.

Over the next eight weeks, I also hope to get reacquainted with my horse, Dually. I usually set a big riding goal for the winter, once we are stuck riding indoors. A few years ago I rode bareback all winter, culminating in working on the cutting machine bareback. Boy, I sure improved my balance that winter! This year, I plan to refine our bridle-less riding—maybe see if we can end up bridle-less on the cutting machine or master a fun freestyle reining pattern.

But the next two months won’t be all play for me—I still have a lot of work to do. I am planning to dedicate the next two months to finishing some projects I’ve been working on for a while, like new a new ‘Private Lessons’ mounted audio workout, a lengthy audio book about horse behavior and, the piece de resistance, my full length book on equitation (which I’ve been stewing on for five years). That’s a lot of projects to do in two months but I’ve done a fair amount of work on them so far and I am hoping to just make some headway, a little bit every day.

I know from experience that the next two months will fly by and I’ll be pulling out the suitcases again before I get everything done and lamenting, “Where has the time gone?” Next year I have pledged to only travel three weeks a month and to also leave time for horse showing and boating with Rich next summer, so unfortunately I’ve had to cut a few things from my schedule. With each passing year, I feel like I have to make the most of every day.

Enjoy the ride,


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