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February 2019 Letter from Julie

horse life with Julie goodnight

Dear friends,

This year is off to a roaring start for me, with an early trip to Denver for the WESA market show (a trade show for buyers and sellers of horse-related products). It’s a great opportunity to network and strategize with corporate partners, and to see innovative new products that are coming on the market. Then toward the end of the January, I headed to Miami Beach, to an international market show for television content, where we met with content buyers from around the globe who are interested in airing Horse Master. This brings me to the exciting news I’m announcing here first. After 11 years and producing 260 episodes of Horse Master with Julie Goodnight, I’ve decided to bring the series to a close. Most people would agree that it’s a long run for a TV series and I am grateful to all the fans who supported the show. I’m sad to see it ending, but we’ve covered a lot of subjects, met hundreds of people and their horses, and visited some interesting places. It’s a significant body of work that lives on, playing on various platforms and networks, and streaming online at For this month’s blog, I’ve written about my experiences with Horse Master, how we made the show, the most memorable episodes, and acknowledging all the people who helped me along the way. Later this month, you’ll get a link to my podcast, where I’ll share details of the horses that stand out most in my mind and the hilarious and poignant stories, as they unfolded behind the scenes. Thank you to all the loyal viewersand sponsors of Horse Master—you’ve kept me going all these years, through your encouraging comments and support. I promise not to disappoint you—I’ve got a new series in the works that I know you’re going to love, about the people, culture and lifestyle surrounding horses. Stay tuned to my Facebook page for the latest news on our new series, Horse Life with Julie Goodnight!

Enjoy the ride,


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