July 2020 Letter from Julie

Dear friends, It’s definitely been an interesting summer so far. Like so many of you, I’m getting used to a new way of doing business, and so far, I’ve managed to fill in the holes in my schedule that came from cancellations of events everywhere. My days have been filled with live posts and daily […]

May 2020 Letter from Julie

Dear Friends,  Another month has gone by while we all do our share to fight the spread of this awful virus. Here in Colorado, we are slowly rebooting the economy and I am hopeful that people will continue to be smart and not erase all the sacrifices we have collectively made in the past eight […]

April 2020 Letter From Julie

Dear friends, What a difference a month makes! Here in Colorado, we are in our third week of shutdown and second week of stay-at-home orders. We are all taking the pandemic seriously and doing our part to prevent spread, keep distance, protect the vulnerable and support our health care workers and first responders. My hope […]

November 2019 Letter from Julie

  Dear friends, Winter has descended on us rapidly, here in the high mountains of Colorado—we’ve already had several snows and single-digits. We always appreciate the snow (not so much the single digits), no matter when it comes, but especially now since we’ve had a wildfire burning in the wilderness near our town for several […]

July 2019 Letter from Julie

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Dear friends, After a busy spring travel schedule, I am thrilled to have some extended time at home to ride my horses and enjoy the glorious Colorado summer. Rich and I are hosting a July 4th Dog Swim Party for our neighborhood, which is fun for everyone and makes the holiday a little more […]

June 2019 Letter from Julie

Dear friends, With the spring expo season in my rearview mirror, my attention turns to horsemanship clinics. As always, we had a fabulous time at the C Lazy U Ranch last month, which is celebrating 100 years as a guest ranch this year. Barbra Schulte and I co-taught the Women’s Riding & Empowerment Retreat. The […]

May 2019 Letter From Julie

Julie teaching at her C Lazy U Ranch clinic on Pepper.

Dear friends, Prime riding season is fast approaching and most of us are gearing up and making plans to spend some quality time with our horses this summer—I know I am! My husband surprised me by coming home with a brand new 3-horse trailer with living quarters! I’ve always wanted one and recently hinted to […]

April 2019: Letter from Julie

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Dear friends, I’m thrilled it’s spring! I was gone for two weeks in March and when I got home, my outdoor arena had totally thawed and Rich had freshly groomed it for me, in honor of my return from a long hard trip. It was long because I had contracted a nasty cold […]

March 2019 Letter from Julie

Julie with the colt-starting class she substitute taught at CSU.

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Dear friends, Last month, my horses and I spent a week at Colorado State University, substitute teaching for the Legends of Ranching colt-starting class. (This class has 32 young, untrained horses paired with 32 student trainers starting them under-saddle and prepping them for the Legends of Ranching Sale on April 19th), and guest-lecturing […]

February 2019 Letter from Julie

Dear friends, This year is off to a roaring start for me, with an early trip to Denver for the WESA market show (a trade show for buyers and sellers of horse-related products). It’s a great opportunity to network and strategize with corporate partners, and to see innovative new products that are coming on the market. […]

January 2019 Letter from Julie

Dear friends, I’m not one to look in the rearview mirror for too long—I’m too pre-occupied with what’s in front of me. I’ve got so many exciting new projects coming to fruition this year, and I’m thrilled the time has finally arrived. In many ways, 2019 will look the same for me—traveling to expos and […]

August 2018 Letter From Julie

Dear Friends, It’s been a fabulous summer, here at the ranch. We‘ve avoided the wild fires so far, and the monsoon season is providing some relief from the drought. Hay prices are up because yields are low, but we’ve all got some hay in the barn. This summer we had our first student-intern from the […]

July 2018 Letter From Julie

View of he mountains through Annie's ears.

Dear Friends, I’m home for my summer break—seven wonderful weeks at home! No airports, no business travel, until my fall clinic season begins in late August. I’m celebrating by working in my postage-stamp-sized flower garden, plus spending some personal time with my horses—reconnecting with them after a busy four months of travel. (More on my […]

April 2018 Letter from Julie

Dear Friends, I crisscrossed the country last month, from Arizona to Pennsylvania to California to Florida—meeting many incredible horses and their people. We recorded the TV show in Tucson with some horses that were rescued from kill pens and are now re-homed at a fantastic program for veterans and law enforcement. The horses had unique […]

January 2018 Letter From Julie

Julie and Eddie

Dear friends, I embrace each new year, happy to be alive and well, and eager to make the most of the year to come, personally, professionally and in my horsemanship. I’m a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions, and I almost always keep them (almost). The key is to set attainable goals. Instead of vowing […]

October 2017 Letter From Julie

JulieGoodnight.com Logo

Dear Friends, I’ve just returned from another fabulous clinic at the C Lazy U Ranch. With over 200 head of horses, an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff, peak fall colors, gourmet meals three times a day, trail riding, working cattle, clinics and trail obstacles, it’s no surprise that almost 50 riders and all five of […]