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November 2017 Letter From Julie

Dear friends,

Having just returned from one of horse capital of the USA, Lexington KY (for the fabulous CHA International Conference), I am headed to another, Marion County, in central Florida. Much debate has been had over which area has more horses and which caters mostly to horse people. Having been to both places many times, I have to say I honestly can’t say which place is horsier. But aren’t I lucky to be able to be able to do clinics in both places and see such beautiful horse country!

I’m squeezing a whole month’s worth of travel in before the holidays hit! Four events, four states, two weeks. I’ll be at the American Heart Association Beach Ride in Myrtle Beach SC, then on to the Grand Oaks Equestrian Resort in Weirsdale FL, for a horsemanship clinic (Nov 4-5) and also to shoot the TV show, then it’s straight to W. Springfield MA, for Equine Affaire. Then I am back in Colorado for the holidays! The Florida horsemanship clinic will be a great one for riders and spectators alike—lots of cool horses and a world-class facility are the ingredients for a fun and educational weekend!

Get directions and buy spectator tickets here.

Equine Affaire is my favorite way to wind up my travel year. A world-class horse expo with fabulous shopping and entertainment, plus an abundance of education about horses. I’ll be doing presentations on canter control, how horses learn, developing trust and willingness in your horse, dealing with hot-headed horses and riding ‘til your 90! Find out more about my complete schedule for 2017 and 2018 here.

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  1. Hi Julie: I’m a big fan and a subscriber to your website/academy. I’ve learned invaluable lessons from your videos, articles, and tv show episodes. I am so happy to hear that you had a great time in Lexington, KY, where I live with two horses and two mini donkeys. I’ve noticed that you’ve offered a number of horsemanship clinics in our neighboring state of Ohio in past years. Don’t you think it’s time to put on a horsemanship clinic in the Kentucky Bluegrass? Yes, the Thoroughbred racing industry dominates here, but there are large numbers of all disciplines of sport horse people and natural horsemanship folks, too. The Kentucky Horse Park (which also hosts Road to the Horse) has great facilities, as you know, as do many privately-owned farms in the Lexington area. My own place is much too small to host a clinic, but I’d sure love to ride with you if you ever did a clinic in Kentucky. Please think about it!

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