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July 2018 Letter From Julie

View of he mountains through Annie's ears

Dear Friends,

I’m home for my summer break—seven wonderful weeks at home! No airports, no business travel, until my fall clinic season begins in late August.

I’m celebrating by working in my postage-stamp-sized flower garden, plus spending some personal time with my horses—reconnecting with them after a busy four months of travel. (More on my new colt, Pepper, later this month in my horse report!)

Of course, my extended time at home doesn’t mean I don’t work—I just shift gears and do different stuff. It enables me to work on exciting new projects and begin planning for clinics and expos for next year. And as I’ve done for the past dozen years, we’ll be shooting the TV show here at my ranch—which takes about a week out of my month.

Still, if I play my cards right, I hope to also find time to spend at the lake—fishing, swimming and chillaxin’ on the boat.

Julie Goodnight

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  1. I sure hope U get some relaxation time. This was my second year of your clinic a Willow Brook farms in Pa. I m so impressed of how easy it is 4 me 2 understand what U teach I also can remember later what I learned & also how U made me feel about how far I & my mare (buckskin green horse)have come, I only rode her 2 times after clinic in 2017, & she was fine so just goes 2 show how the ground work, works! Please come back again we all need you & U R teachings.. Thank You so very much I for one appreciate you. God Bless U & yours. Lisa Milani PS give my best 2 Lucy!!

    • Thank you Lisa for your positive feedback, it’s comments like this that keep me going! I appreciate your support.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I Have A 7 Year Old Appy & She Green Broke The Girl I Got Her From Said That She Got Her From Another Girl That Miss Treated Her & I Have Been Working With Her A Different Way Then What You Nomely Do I’ve Had Her For A Year & Now I Want To Start Training Her To Ride Do You Have Any Pointers For Me??
    I’m Not A Trainer I’m Just A Person That Love’s Her Horse!!
    Can You Please Help Me????

    • Hi Lennie,
      Thank you for reaching out and I am happy to help as much as possible. I offer many free resources on this site just search by key words to bring up thousands of instructional articles I have written over the years. A great resource I have put together for starting horses may be found here:
      This is available in streaming version as well and I offer personal instruction with my interactive program for a nominal yearly fee.
      Best of luck!

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