September 2020 Letter from Julie

Dear Friends, This fall brings a transition like no other. Normally, I take a break from business travel in the summer and ease back into full swing, traveling to horse expos, clinics and conferences in September. Of course, this year, I’ve had a five-month stretch with very little business travel. Like a lot of people, […]

August 2020 Letter from Julie

Dear friends,   I’m not sure whether I’m sad to see summer wane or glad to see this year halfway behind us. The not-knowing-what’s-next is hard for everyone, myself included. I miss helping horses with their people. I miss the hundreds of horses I encounter in-person each year. In fact, I consider it a perk […]

The Magic and Mystique of Horsemanship Clinics

Julie doing lead line work with a horse at her Florida clinic

For some, attending a horsemanship clinic with a particular clinician, is a bucket-list item that they work toward for years. For others, attending horsemanship clinics with teachers who are leaders in the field is a way to further their careers and boost their horsemanship. And then there are the “clinic junkies,” who spend a good […]

Horses In The Morning: Exercises for Lengthening and Collecting with Julie Goodnight and JoAnne Young

In this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we’re covering exercises for lengthening and collecting with guests Julie Goodnight and JoAnne Young. Listen in. Check out more episodes of Horses in the Morning here:

De-Spooking Shadow/ Update on Episode 909

The Key to De-Spooking Shadow     Desensitizing had failed. Could a new approach help this gelding—on camera, no less? By Annette Nole Hall Our beautiful, kid-broke Tennessee Walking Horse is a spook. His name is Shadow and he’s afraid of it. We weren’t expecting that part of his personality when we purchased him, and I’ve spent the last three years […]

Horses In The Morning: Julie Goodnight Talks About Riding Instruction

Listen online now>>   In this Certified Horsemanship Association episode we chat about exercises for more advanced riders with Anne Brzesicki of MTSU, Julie Goodnight has some advice on schooling your school horses to keep them in top form and we also learn all about the Interscholastic Equestrian Association.  Listen in… Building confidence Exercises that create […]

What is CHA?; Why to Become Certified; Safety Tips; Behind the Scenes of Horse Master; When to Sell a Horse (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Certified Horsemanship Association–reasons to become certified and what the association does to teach the theory behind the skill; Improving Horsemanship; Safety Tips; Why to Ride with Your Heels Down; Behind the Scenes on Horse Master and on Rick Lamb’s TV Show for more radio shows.

The Draw Of Horses After An Accident Logo

Horses have their own gravity. If you’ve loved them in the past and been pushed away because of an injury or accident, it’s possible you’ll be drawn right back to their beautiful, sleek, powerful sides. Gravity pulls you back even if your worries or fears make you wonder why, even when our biological responses to […]

Buying A Horse Logo

In “Shop ‘Til You Drop,” the Horse Master episode taped at my ranch in Colorado, I helped my friend Sddita Fradette begin the horse shopping process. She’s a skilled rider and NARHA riding instructor but doesn’t have her own horse at the moment. She wants to make sure she has the know-how and strategy to […]

Keeping Your Horse Healthy Through The Stages Of Life Part 3: The Senior Citizens Logo

In our small town in Central Colorado, the schools are small and organized—with different wings for different ages of students. The elementary, middle and high schools are all separate but nearby. In the past two installments of this series, I’ve written about how the elementary and middle schools remind me of the wings in my […]

Keeping Your Horse Healthy Through The Stages Of Life Part 2: The Prime Time Horses

Note: In this three-part series, nationally respected horse trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight talks about the three “wings” in her barn (the elementary, middle and high school wings) and discusses what’s important to the age groups and how to keep the horses there in top shape with age-appropriate training and nutrition. If you missed part one, catch […]