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Last week, I had a CHA Instructor Certification clinic at Central Wyoming College in Riverton. It was a very easy clinic with qualified and enthusiastic participants, all of whom received a certification at a level they were happy with. I’ve done a lot of CHA clinics over the years—back when I was the Program Director, I did as many as seven one year!   But now, because of the demands on my schedule, I can only do one a year. I enjoy going up to WY and working with the dedicated students there. As a bonus, I get to spend the week with two dear friends, Polly and Patti, my colleagues in this endeavor.

From there I headed to my clinic in Topeka. There was a nice variety of riders, horses and issues to work on all weekend, and everyone had success. I love the variety I get in clinics—dressage, hunt seat, gaited horses; cutters, trail riders and mounted shooters; novices and experienced hands; well-broke horses and ones that need work. The more variety the better for me, because it challenges my teaching. The days went so fast, I could  hardly believe when I looked at the clock on Sunday afternoon and saw we had run out of time.

This weekend I am headed to Richmond VA for another clinic tour stop. I am looking forward to the clinic and hope that I’ll meet some interesting horses. Then it’s on to TN next week for the AQHA QuarterFest.  I am excited about that event—not only because I’ll get to see a lot of friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in a while, but also because it is shaping up to be a very cool and power-packed event! Go check it out online and come if you can.

Now, I’d better get some work done so that I can squeeze a ride in this afternoon, before I leave town again.

Enjoy the ride!


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  1. Thanks Pepper! I did get to ride that day and I am glad I did. ALl weekend long as I rode other people’s horses, it made me appreciate what a great horse he is. I ride Western performance– Versatility ranch horse and reined cowhorse.

    To anonymous– you should be riding on a relaxed rein on the trail. Sounds like ground work would definitley help. My lead line leadership dvd would be a good program for you to gain confidnece in your authority over your horse. good luck!

  2. Hi Julie, I really related to the homeward bound episode this week. My horse is like this so I was only going out on Hubby’s horse when riding alone until last fall. I have about 6 rides under my belt out alone on my horse. The latest was yesterday and I wasn’t able to let him stretch out his neck the whole ride for fear of his getting enough rein to spin. He was constantly testing the rein. I usually ride him in a loose rein with other horses and he goes where I look. But riding him alone I have to ride with a concentrated rein. He is a dominant horse that I have done alot of ground work with but apparently not enough to be his leader. Should I start from scratch again with ground work and is it OK to ride for an hour and a half with a concentrated rein? I hope you see this question. 🙂

  3. Your schedule sounds overwhelming. I hope you get to ride your horse tonight. What riding style do you use with your own horse?

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