What is CHA?; Why to Become Certified; Safety Tips; Behind the Scenes of Horse Master; When to Sell a Horse (Rick Lamb with Julie Goodnight)

Certified Horsemanship Association–reasons to become certified and what the association does to teach the theory behind the skill; Improving Horsemanship; Safety Tips; Why to Ride with Your Heels Down; Behind the Scenes on Horse Master and on Rick Lamb’s TV Show http://ricklamb.com for more radio shows.

C Lazy U, Part 3

Good day! I am enjoying another perfect summer day here at home. Even managed to get caught up on some gardening projects and household chores. I have one more major reorganization project to tackle here in the office, then it’ll be time for a ride. I’d better finish the Memorial Day weekend story or I’ll […]

My Top 3 Lessons From The Julie Goodnight Women’s Riding Clinic

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I’m going to be brutally honest here: I was a fan of clinician Julie Goodnight before attending her ”Women’s Riding and Yoga Retreats and Ranch Riding Weekend at C Lazy U Ranch” in Granby, Colorado. But after four days of riding with Julie, that’s changed. Now I’m a groupie http://myhorse.com/blogs/horse-trainers/julie-goodnight/my-top-3-lessons-from-the-julie-goodnight-womens-riding-clinic/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=pin&utm_campaign=Web-Traffic

Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight On Trailer Safety

Horse Tip Daily #34 – Julie Goodnight on Trailer Safety http://horsetipdaily.horseradionetwork.com/horse-tip-daily-34-julie-goodnight-on-trailer-loading/  


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Greetings! Last week, I had a CHA Instructor Certification clinic at Central Wyoming College in Riverton. It was a very easy clinic with qualified and enthusiastic participants, all of whom received a certification at a level they were happy with. I’ve done a lot of CHA clinics over the years—back when I was the Program […]