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Five Pound Challenge Update

Its been a little over a month since we started the five pound challenge and I have been pleased with all the people who have joined in and/or made comments! Some of you still have a week or two to go on your personal challenge, but I look forward to hearing how youve done. Make sure to comment below!

I am pleased to say that I met my first five pound goal and am one pound into the second five-pound challenge. Let me know if you’re up for another challenge! Keep going with us. Its been a lot easier to have friends involved and to help cheer each other on. Even my husband has signed onto the challenge, so that has made it a little easier when faced with temptations at home.

Rich and I are on our way to a spa resort in Boulder for the next few days and I intend to collect my reward for the first five pounds while there. I also plan to do two-fers in my workout routine while at the spa. Rich has business meetings all day while we are there, so that will leave me free to workout and get some rest. After a grueling eight weeks on the road, I need a little break.

Ive noticed that the loss of weight becomes a reward and a motivation in and of itself. With five pounds gone, I see a difference when I look in the mirror after stepping out of the shower. And my jeans are a little more comfortable. It becomes an investment that I want to protect and I want the number to grownot stay flat. I know there will be the inevitable back-slide, but it seems like its easier to lose the weight again

I look forward to reading your comments on the five pound challenge and hearing how youve donefor better or for worse!


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  1. Oh forgot to add…
    I love love love to cook but we are on the road for my husband job so we travel 11 months out of the year in an rv. So I have limited area to cook but I still do everyting I can to make real meals and not eat junk. One recipe that recently saved me when I was close to giving up….

    I saw an idea on the show “cooking yourself thin” to replace the oil in a cake recipe with banana… they use sugars and all in thier foods so I thought… hmmm Ill use that in conjunction with the reduced sugar cake mix that pillsry makes. So just add a smashed banana in place of the oil and it was GREAT. I put so sugar added reducd calorie jam in between the layers instead of icing and thenI use a reduced fat and sugar whip cream for the topping. Also what ever kinda jam I use, I slive up those berries and add on top. hit the spot and I counted the calories and such and it was pretty low in comparison to the oil/icing recipe.

    Also the question about how to get by at dinner parties and such… Im not an alcohol drinker but I love diet dr pepper. When I first started trying to give it up… I just couldnt seem to so I decided I would say for every soda… id have to drink 2 waters before I could have my next soda. Not only did I drink less soda… but all the water had me eat less also. As far as food I love love love to eat. When at a party and finger foods are available I eat the celery, cucumbers, brocolli, cali, and such. i try and avoid the crackers, olives and anything more than a couple pieces of cheese as its easy to rack up lots of calories easily without feeling at all full. I find if I can get a base of those veggies on my tummy im not starving. Also if they have fruit I look for strawberries instead of the heavier caloried and sugar ones. if its a sit down dinner thing I try and get a large salad (or double size) and use a lower carb. lower fat dressing if possible and have it on the side. when we go out I dont starve myself but I try to make better choices. I dont want to live not having anything but I dont need to splurge everyday either.

    Look forward to seeing others ideas, progress, etc.

  2. Hi I just found this challenge in my goodnight email newsletter. Its great because me and my friend (who lives 1000 miles away) started our weight loss buddy system about 6 weeks ago. We are both on the road with our husband contractors and each of us travel with our horses and dogs.

    I really packed on some weight in the last 2 yrs. I injured a tendon in my foot and that took about 6 months to heal and about 2 or 3 months later while riding my,at the time 3 yr old, Nemo I ruptured a disc in my back and injured my tailbone. Tailbone has healed but man until it healed.. I rode, did house chores and cooked and did barn work but otherwise I SAT… and SAT and SAT. Was just so sore and I had one recliner that was comfortable and I just would sit there. Dr is discussing back surgury with me but Im thinking id like to shed the extra weight and see if I could avoid it. I almost 37, broad shouldered and have always been heavily muscled and short 5’4″ and my normal adult weight is 170 and that puts me in a size 10(I can get down to 160 and be in an 8 but anything under that and I start to look sickly with my body build) but I got up to 193!!! YIKES and that put me in a 14. Ive lost 10 lbs the last 6 weeks with my friends support and giving up bread, pasta, sugars, fruit, large amounts of fats, etc. Im now slowly adding in 100% whole grain breads and pastas as well as fruits and we will see if I can keep loosing. Ive had a few day when I make a splurge and eat something not exactly on the plan but try and make the better choices when I do that.

    My goal is to be 165-170. Ive not done any rewards although this weekend we are doing a 2 day camp trip with the horses so Ill count that as my reward for the past 10 lbs. My next 5 lbs ill do a pedicure. My final goal ill get simple boots for my nemo. Hmmmmmmm somehow not sure he should get a gift since he is the one that hurt me LOL I knew I needed to loose weight when I would get on and he would go UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH real loud. LOL He is a bit of a drama king… He has no problem carryign me even on mountain trails buttttttttttt this will benefit both of us.

  3. Im so glad I saw this in my goodnight training email I got. A friend and I are buddied up annd keeping each other motivated despite she is 1000s miles away. It helps. Id love to keep up with others and see how they are doing and feel the support.

    I gained quite a bit of weight last year after torn tendon in my foot and then a month or two after that I had a bad day with my then 3 yr old horse and ruptured a disc in my back and injured my tailbone. I still rode but when I wasnt in the saddle man I did basically nothing but sit. Ive gained a good 20 lbs. disucssing back surgury but would love to shed all the weight and see if i could avoid it. In the last 6 weeks I have lost 10 lbs. I still easily have 10 to go until im close to being back in my normal clothes but will see how it goes… im with you guys ill take it 5 lbs at a time. My first 6 weeks I got rid of all the bread, pasta, sugar and fruit. Now im adding back in 100% whole grain breads, pasta and fruit in small amounts. Hopefully I can keep the weight loss with these additions.

    As for one of the last blogs that asked if there were any ideas for parties and how to keep from over eating I thought id give my ideas. My husband and his friends love to eat and drink. Im not an alcholol drinker but I love love love diet dr pepper. When I was first trying to cut back I made a rule that for every diet dr pepper i had to drink 2 waters… I found not only did that cut back my soda intake but also reduced my eating. I try and choose unsweet ice tea (add sweet and low) or water for my drink when out (they hardly ever have diet dr pepper) Also if there is a veggie tray available I always start with celery, cucumbers, zuchinni, broccolli, cali as they are low calorie, no fat and low carb options. Getting those on my tummy tend to keep me from gorging. I avoid crackers and olives (and limit myself to a piece for two of cheese) as they usually make me just eat more and more and cheese and crackers are not that filling but rack up some calories plus crackers are hardly ever 100% whole grain. Unfortunitly i would easily eat 6 onces of cheese eating a little piece here and a little piece there and didnt limit myself. If its a sit down dinner I try if possible to get a double order salad (dressing on the side hopefully in a lower carb/lower fat option) to give me a full feeling before adding the temptation of the main courses and dessert. When we go out I dont act to strict or else I feel miserable…. I just try and make better choices or not do it all the time.

    Look forward to hearing others successes and support. My horse appreciates this by the way… I knew I needed to loose weight when I would get on and he would go UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH real loud… how embarassing… LOL I was up to 193 lbs… sitting at 183lbs right now. Im usually in a size 10 at around 170 or within a few lbs of there..

  4. Oh, Julie. I haven’t stepped near a scale since before the wedding. Walked and walked and walked all over Honolulu during the Honeymoon, but came back and I’m afraid to go near a scale. Haven’t been to the gym since I got back and feel like crap. Thanks for the updates and the reminder that the weight loss is a reward in itself. I may be able to drag myself to the gym tonight afterall. I know Estes will appreciate it if I shave off some weight.

  5. Hey, Julie: I’m down another 4.8. I was holding steady (isn’t that the worst) and then lost the full 4.8 last week. Not sure why, but hey, I’ll take it! So I’ve hit my first 5 pounds! Now only 53 more to go. 🙂

    I agree though that as the weight comes off, the true reward is how awesome that feels. Being more comfortable in our own skin is the best thing we could ask for. On the other hand, a little something nice from a resort in Boulder sounds pretty darn fun too!

    Congrats on hitting your first five pounds! I’m game to be part of the challenge until I get that last 53 off. It’s great that you’re inspiring others to jump on board and be healthier. Let’s keep it going!


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